Patient Group Minutes of Meeting, Reports and Surveys

The latest minutes of the Patient Group meetings are below - for copies of previous minutes please contact the PPG via our secure online form


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG Oundle, at 11.00 a.m. on Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Present: Lita Gray (LG) - Spokesperson, Heather Murdoch,(HM) Gill Grant(GG) - Minute Taker, Jean Clark (JC)

  1. LG and JC feedback that they had met with Carol Beesley, the Practice Manager on 10 August 2021 for a Q&A session. The meeting was very positive. CB had completed most of the questions in the answer column in advance of the meeting and the remaining questions Carol could not answer during the meeting will be followed up by LG in a week’s time. Once LG has received all the responses the information will be placed on the Practice website.

  2. LG and JC further discussed a specific patient’s concerns with Carol at the Q&A session. Carol advised that the issue had been dealt with direct with the patient and the conclusion was satisfactory. It was agreed that JC will send a follow up email to the patient from the PPG to gauge satisfaction.

  3. The Confidentiality Agreement for new OPL was discussed. JC to draft a new OPL Confidentiality Agreement for approval from the Oundle Medical Practice and GG to forward to all existing/new members to sign and ensure returned to the OPL. It was agreed that the original records will be kept at the Practice with copies kept by the PPG.

  4. LG wrote to Mike Richardson as Chairman of Oundle Lakeside Medical Practice to advise him of the PPG’s new structure and advise of the current members. MR responded positively and supported the newly named OPL and the restructure. LG invited MR to attend a PPG meeting in the next few weeks once the restructured OPL was established.

  5. Feedback from the existing OPPG members has been very positive about the new OPL Terms of Reference forwarded to them for comments/suggestions. The Terms of Reference will be forwarded to all members when agreed amendments are finalized.

Note: Addendum to the Agenda. It was duly noted that the Practice had added a comment on their Facebook Page stating how many patients had been vaccinated against Covid19. It was much appreciated by the PPG that this information as disseminated.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 1.30 p.m.


Minutes of the first Q&A Meeting between OPPG & the Practice Manager held at The Surgery, Oundle on Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Present: Lita Gray (LG) (Spokesperson), Heather Murdoch (HM), Gill Grant (GG), Jean Clark (JC) (Minutes) with Carol Beesley (CB) (Practice Manager)

  1. The ‘generic’ Open Letter to Patients’ posted on Lakeside Healthcare Surgeries websites was discussed with concern expressed as to whether patients
  • would know to look for it
  • would be able to find it.

A discussion on how this could be facilitated felt that posting a link drawing attention to this on the Surgery Facebook page, as well as via the forthcoming PPG Newsletter and the Oundle Town Council website, could be helpful.

It was felt there appeared to be a somewhat ‘practice-centric’ tone’ to the letter, and suggestions were made as to how to amend it to make it more Patient focused.

  1. Comments which appeared on Oundle Community Chatter Facebook on 17/6/21 were discussed. CB would contact BallyHoo regarding the possibility of putting some form of ‘message’ to recommend any complainant brings their concerns direct to the Practice rather than putting it out on social media in the first instance. That way there is the possibility of a reply or resolution.

  2. Face to Face Appointments: CB explained the quite complicated route to extrapolate figures showing how many F2F appointments were being made for Oundle patients as this was a manual count, but confirmed it was possible to gain this data. JC to check how the GP National Survey figures were obtained.

  1. We discussed The Practice Plan for opening the Reception in the near future to enable patients to speak to a receptionist at the front desk rather than via the window etc. CB explained that new ‘hard flooring’ is currently being fitted at the surgery, replacing the carpets, to comply with infection control. This is being laid throughout the Practice clinical rooms and waiting areas and this should be completed by mid-July. Each Lakeside Healthcare site presented with different layout problems, but it was hoped that the Oundle Practice Plan would be completed by the end of July, when coming via the open ’front’ door’ compared with the ‘little open window’ would be in operation.

  2. The new VOiP phone system is in the process of being installed and it is anticipated it will be up and running by mid-July. This system means more lines will be available in and out of the surgery which will enable better contact with the surgery. However, the situation remains currently as to the numbers of staff available to answer calls. The installers will be undertaking staff training as this is an entirely new system.

  3. CB explained the rationale of the Vaccination Programme ‘mop up’ meaning checking all patients who have not had their first or second jab et al have been contacted.

  4. Regarding two patients’ concerns which had been sent to the Practice via the PPG, CB gave positive feedback regarding one patient and a response regarding the other patient had been sent to the MP.

  5. A discussion took place on how some test results are given to patients by Reception staff, particularly when these results were ‘’abnormal’’ leading to a patient seeking further information. The Receptionist would not usually be in a position to give clarification, which could result in more anxiety to the patient. It was thought to be preferable for a Nurse Practitioner to deal with these cases. CB will check the current process regarding tests results and feedback to the PPG.

  6. A question was raised as to who at the Surgery was able to view patients records and CB explained there were specific access levels depending on the role of the staff member, however audit trails record access regarding this.

  7. The PPG members are meeting with the new Wellbeing & Health coach, Ellie Hill, on 13th July, but we still are awaiting Lynn Bryce, the Social Prescriber to contact the PPG to advise us more about her role and the benefits to patients.

  8. CB agreed to send a blank PPG Confidentiality Form so we can ensure new members sign to commit to not disclosing any confidential information gleaned from their work with the PPG.

  9. We explained that following our upcoming meeting on 1st July, we hoped we would very shortly be in a position to re-launch the OPPG under a new name and format. But in the meantime, it was very good to hear some very positive feedback from patients regarding the Vaccination programme as well as from the Facebook page.

  10. The next PPG/Practice Manager Q&A meeting would take place on a date to be confirmed in approximately 6-8 weeks.


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held at The Barn, Oundle at 11.00 a.m. on Thursday, 10 June 2021

Present: Lita Gray(LG) - Spokesperson, Heather Murdoch,(HM) – Minute Taker, Gill Grant(GG), Jean Clark(JC)

  1. We discussed at length the process and experience by patients of the reception area at the Practice. We have received many concerns regarding this and will ask the Practice Manager to explain what the current NHS Guidelines are to practices in relation to the social distancing in the waiting area.

  2. Staffing of the practice was discussed and we will be bringing this issue up in the first Question and Answer session with the practice manager.

  3. We agreed we do not fully understand the role of the Social Prescriber and felt we should obtain further information from the Practice Manager regarding this role, i.e. purpose, scope, duties etc. Including where she will be based

  4. We are going to ask former chairpersons for all data pertaining to the OPPG’s agreements 1.e. Terms of Reference etc. This will enable us to ‘relaunch’ in due course, with all the appropriate statutes in

  5. We have been advised that patients are entitled to see a GP, face to face on request. We have checked this on the NHS England website. We felt this information and reassurance needs more publicity to communicate this to patients. e.g. newsletter, Facebook etc. This will ensure they are more informed and aware that they are able to do this if they so choose.

  6. The Practice Manager has advised that the reception staff will have further training in the near future.

  7. We agreed to suggest to the Practice Manager that we commence our first Question and Answer meeting with the Practice Manager on Tuesday 29 June.

  8. We discussed the concerns received by the PPG from patients, and in particular two cases that have been referred to the Practice Manager following agreement from the individuals concerned. Lita will follow these up with the Practice Manager.

  9. LG will follow up with the Practice Manager re: Ellie Hill’s new appointment as Health and Wellbeing Coach for an introduction email to explain her role.

  10. In view of the ‘relaunch’ of the PPG and coinciding with formulating our next newsletter, we have set a date for the working group to meet on 1st July.


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom at 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021

Present:  Lita Gray(LG) - Spokesperson, Gill Grant(GG) – Minute Taker, Heather Murdoch,(HM) Jean Clark(JC)

Patients comments. The PPG are still receiving consistent concerns over various issues.  E.g . The telephone system as there is still considerable time before the calls are answered.  There is no option on the system for general enquiries and patients have to choose the appointment option. Some patients are reluctant to complain or give feedback to the Practice as they fear being ‘black listed’. The PPG are receiving some complaints about specific issues and not concerns.  In these cases the PPG are responding to the patients and advising them to contact the Practice Manager direct to try and resolve the issues.  However the PPG fear most will not.  This concerns the PPG that important feedback is not given to the Practice, therefore some key issues are not addressed.  

We are also receiving feedback from patients who are still confused over the Practice website and have difficulty finding the appropriate information.  A suggestion will be raised once again with the PM to see if further patient friendly options can be found.  

We have noted different formats on other Lakeside Websites.  e.g. Yaxley have placed a window whereby patients can see what doctors are available each day and the times. The PPG will ask Carol Beesley (PM)once again at the next meeting if this information could also be placed on the Oundle Surgery Website as we believe this would be helpful information to patients to know.

The PPG agreed to discuss and hopefully resolve these issues with Carol Beesley via a Zoom meeting in May.  CB to contact us following annual leave to arrange a suitable date.  

The Lakeside Group has appointed a Communication Officer, Caroline Freeman.  The PPG have arranged a meeting with her on Friday 14 May to introduce ourselves and to see how this new role may benefit the PPG. We will have more information at our next meeting.

JC has been in discussion with David Parkes from the Wansford Surgery PPG about the latest development in the NHS Integrated Care System. JC updated the PPG on discussions. GG is to follow up and contact Professor Harris for an update about the affect this will have on the Oundle Practice Patients.

We discussed and agreed that once we are able to conduct formal ‘face to face’ PPG meetings, that we will advise the Practice Manager of forthcoming meetings for the year ahead.  This should enable them to plan and schedule for medical/staff representatives to attend well in advance of the meetings.

The PPG arranged a meeting on Friday 7 May to further discuss the OPPG restructure.

Next meeting is on Friday 7 May 2021 at 10.00 a.m. at Barnwell Park.


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom at 2.30 p.m. on Thursday, 8 April, 2021 

Present:  Lita Gray(LG), Gill Grant(GG), Heather Murdoch,(HM) Jean Clark(JC)

A full debate on the newsletter situation (i.e. When to publish the next one) resulted in the group’s decision to wait until The PPG new format is fully established.

We agreed this will take more time to full develop. We aim to publish our Mission Statement and full working formulas for the future in the forthcoming newsletter. This will include informing the Patients as well as welcome new members.

We arranged to have a further meeting on April 28th to coordinate the results of all our discussions and research to develop a working document for the new look PPG.

We discussed a Healthwatch article that had come to our attention about the National situation of GP’s. We agreed that we will all continue our registrations with Healthwatch and to continue to share all information we can regarding the GP service, in particular our role within that. We discussed the creation of an information liaison role among others so that there is more structure in how we operate.

It was agreed that GG would write to Professor Harris to find out the name of Lakeside’s newly appointed Communication Officer, so that we can liaise and work together. Our aim is to improve communication between Lakeside Oundle and Patients and aid patients communication to Lakeside.

An email by LG was sent to the Practice Manager on the 31st March. This included several concerns from patients.  We await a reply. We agreed we need to set up a working protocol for responses from the Practice to patients concerns and work with in an agreed timeline.

It was noted that patients can no longer make online bookings and continue to have problems with telephone bookings for appointments. This is an on going concern for the group and we aim to pursue this further with the Practice.

We noted that Yaxley Lakeside inform patients of the times and date that their doctors are in surgery. Having been refused this service by Oundle we hope to refer this for further discussion.

We agreed that we would like to ask Professor Harris for a question and answer session with him so that we can clarify several key issues pertaining to Patients concerns.

JC is going to work on setting up our Facebook page and we are working on other modes to improve communication with Oundle Lakeside, which will benefit both the interests of the Patients and Practitioners.

Next meeting by zoom on 28 April 2021 at 2.30 p.m.


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom on Wednesday, 24 March, 2021 

Present:  Lita Gray(LG), Gill Grant(GG), Heather Murdoch,(HM) Jean Clark(JC)

1. Lakeside Healthcare Oundle Website

A discussion took place on the response from the Practice Manager, in relation to CB email of 6 March 2021, and the PPG having a more prominent place on the Practice website.  In view of the rather disappointing response, it was agreed we would look further into this and discuss later.

2. PPG Email

In view of the problems in accessing the previous PPG email address, a new address ( had been organized: LG to ask CB for the amendment be posted on the website.

3. Phoning/emailing the Surgery

A number of comments have been received by PPG Members regarding difficulties in contacting the surgery via phone and email.  It was agreed that good communications between patients and the practice was of prime importance, so this would be discussed more fully/again at the next meeting on 7 April 2021.

4. Search facility on Website

To enable users to search the Practice website more easily, it was agreed we ask that the word ‘Search’ be added in a separate box in white to the left of the ‘drop down’ symbol on the Main page of the Practice website. It was agreed that the current search symbol is not easy to identify on the website. This request is in response to specific feedback received by patients who find the site very difficult to navigate currently.   It is anticipated that this action, if approved by Lakeside, will result in a more positive search experience and a more user friendly site for all. LG to suggest this to CB in her next email. 

5. Discussion on planning new look for PPG for 2021. 
All agreed this to be deferred to another meeting as there are many ideas and suggestions to consider before proceeding.

Date of Next Meeting:  Weds 7 April 2021 at 2.30 pm via Zoom.


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom on Wednesday, 10 March, 2021 

Present:  Lita Gray(LG), Gill Grant(GG), Heather Murdoch,(HM) Jean Clark(JC)

1. Discussion on planning new look for PPG for 2021. 
All agreed this to be deferred to another meeting as there are many ideas and suggestions to consider before proceeding.

2. Facebook communication for PPG and HM email comments. 
After researching the Lakeside Surgery Facebook ( page there appears to currently be two sites operating with one last being used in 2019 (  We agreed to query/raise this with Carol Beesley.  HM found there are approx  528 followers on the main site and commented it would be a huge step forward for awareness of the OPPG.  
It was also suggested to include a suggestion box for patients on the Facebook page.  We agreed to discuss this in more detail at the next meeting.

3. Email follow up to PH re: the communication Manager role
All agreed to put on hold for a few weeks.  GG to follow up.

4. Spokesperson for future meetings
It was put forward that LG to be Spokesperson for future meetings and LG accepted to undertake this. It was also agreed to alternate the Minute Taking between the other 3 members.

5. Helen Vowles email and comments
HV sent an email to Lita expressing her thanks and gratitude to the four members of the newsletter team for continuing to be active for the PPG.  HV also advised of her confusion in a link found on the Oundle Medical Centre website with regard to the NHS Covid Vaccination Programme.  It advised her to contact her local surgery to arrange a second covid vaccination.  However Oundle were not able to do this when she contacted them. She also asked if it was possible for the old message for patients on the surgery answer machine to be changed. HV also informed the PPG that a friend of hers would like to become a member.  As we were not sure if the necessary form had been completed online. We agreed to find out. HV has since said she would forward the details of the interested party to the PPG.

6. LG advised that only two members had responded to her latest email.  The members being Helen Vowles and Celia Flory.  As we only received two replies from the previous email regarding continuation of the PPG during the pandemic as well, LG suggested that we contact each member individually to see if they would like to continue being an active member of the committee.   If people wished to cease their involvement they can be removed from the group. It was agreed to do this in due course.

7. Jane Coulson’s senior engagement Manager at CCG response to GG Email relating to NHS Guidelines
AC advised there are national guidelines relating to information going into the public domain because the NHS is still in a high level incident response mode to Covid19 pandemic.  Everything put out needs to be approved by NHS England national and regional teams.  She advised the best way to get up to date information is to go on the link: -national-vaccination-programme/

Meeting ended 3.30 p.m. Date of next meeting of the OPPG is on Weds 23 March 2021 at 2.30 pm via Zoom.


Minutes of the Oundle Patients Participation Group meeting held via Zoom on 24th February 2021.

Present: Lita Gray (LG), Jean Clark (JC), Gill Grant (GG), Heather Murdoch(HM).

1. The group expressed their gratitude to Professor Robert Harris, Chief Executive of Lakeside Healthcare, regarding his correspondence with GG. His very positive and helpful responses were very much appreciated, and it was agreed we would continue to ask his advice and assistance when/where appropriate.

2. We have all heard from patients in Oundle of their negative experience when visiting “reception” at the practice of: 

  • people standing in the rain, feeling cold as they wait outside,   
  • feeling embarrassed passing their samples through a half open window and of feeling unwelcome standing at a window outside. We agreed that patients could find the half-shut windows unwelcoming and unnecessary. 

3. We agreed we would ask the management whether this could be addressed so that Oundle patients can have a functional, safe, and welcoming reception at their medical practice.  It was felt this could be included in any  correspondence to Professor Harris for his thoughts regarding this.

4. We discussed the Practice Manager’s (Carol Beesley) email responses in reply to OPPG’s email of 21st February 2021, regarding concerns and suggestions.  Whilst we felt positive that some issues are being addressed, some remain ongoing.  

5. We appreciate the working relationship we are developing with Carol (Practice Manager) and her responses to the OPPG.

6. Once verified, Oundle Patients will be able to email the OPPG as well as ‘follow’ Lakeside Oundle Facebook for information.  We are informed by the Practice that an updated telephone system should soon be in place and that a Communications Manager is to be appointed imminently covering all the Lakeside Healthcare practices.

7. Lakeside Healthcare Oundle is a member of the National Association of Patients Participation (NAPP).  JC offered to monitor their data, advice, and information, so that we can continually be improving our service to the Practice and Oundle patients.

8. Disappointment was expressed that the Practice Manager is unable to give the OPPG members a copy of the NHS guidelines that direct the practice.  GG offered to ask an executive member of the CCG for further information regarding this, so that we can be assured we always follow correct procedure.

9. It was decided that later in the year we would contact all OPPG members who are still registered on our list, to ascertain whether they wanted to continue being an active member.  We remain committed to an “open door” policy with new members warmly welcomed.  

10. It was agreed that LG be named as Temporary Spokesperson and JC as Temporary Secretary on the Patient Participation page of the practice website.  It is envisaged these roles, and others as they evolve, will be rotated, and shared throughout the OPPG.


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom on Wednesday, 10 February, 2021

Present:  Lita Gray, Gill Grant, Heather Murdoch, Jean Clark

1. A discussion was held regarding the local online forum ‘Nextdoor’. Members have observed a discussion thread on the site whereby locals were discussing the vaccination programme and were commenting on various issues.  Including why they had to travel to Stanground for the vaccination rather than be able to obtain this in Oundle. The group discussed the benefits of being able to communicate with a wider audience if we could use the forum to respond to such queries to advise patients on such issues. It is also seen as a good opportunity for the PPG to promote our voluntary group with a view to attracting new members and to communicate various other relevant issues to the local community. A point was raised regarding communications via this channel and compliance with NHS guidelines if the PPG are disseminating information relating to Lakeside matters.  It was suggested we discuss with Carol Beesley to seek clarification on this point before we proceed to use this channel.

2. In the response to LG’s PPG email of 2/2/21 regarding our suggestion to update patients with regular communications on the Vaccination Program (i.e.weekly), Practice Manager, Carol Beesley (email received on 5/2/21), advised that all communications regarding the Covid 19 Vaccination Program, must be approved by NHS England and that they are not able to publish any information regarding clinic dates, numbers of patients vaccinated and numbers vaccinated etc. The group discussed the need to have a better understanding of the Guidelines relating to this so that the PPG are more aware of the compliance issues.  It was agreed to email CB to seek clarification by requesting how we can obtain a copy of the guidelines or to refer us to a site we can access this information. It was agreed that once we have a better understanding then the PPG’s expectations for clearer and more regular communications may change as a result.

3. It was agreed to refer CB directly to Liz Holland at Volunteer Action to obtain a statement to go on the Practice website regarding possible VA assistance for transport for some patients to the vaccination site in Stanground. It was suggested that the Practice could also add the statement on the Oundle Practice Facebook page to further highlight the possible assistance for transport.  

4. CB advised in her email that in response to our suggestion of a dedicated helpline or answerphone service for vaccination queries, that the practice were going to trial a new telephone option on the answerphone system between 10a.m. and 3 p.m. daily. It was agreed by all that it was a positive step to help clarify some of the concerns that patients have regarding obtaining information from the surgery on this matter.

5. In view of the current difficulties, it was agreed to postpone the meeting planned for Wednesday 24 February until further notice, when all current OPPG members would be all current OPPG members would be included.

6. The group discussed new titles for active members in PPG meetings going forward. As the suggestion is to rotate the Chairperson and Secretary roles in future rather than the same person have the responsibility each meeting. It was muted that possible alternative titles could be Spokesperson to replace Chairperson and Minute Taker to replace Secretary.  It was agreed to put this forward at the next general PPG meeting.  Date to be agreed.

7. A discussion took place on how to improve communication between the Practice and patients.  We were pleased to learn that Lakeside Healthcare are in the process of appointing a Communications Officer, which should enable/provide/yield better lines of communication between patients and all the Lakeside

8. The group discussed ways to promote awareness of the PPG.  Suggestions were made to get posters printed for distribution in Suggestions of various areas to do this is to get posters printed to place at various venues in the town and to use the towns electronic notice boards at the Library, town centre and Waitrose as well as the local forum Nextdoor and the AGM later in the year as some options.  To be discussed in more detail at a later meeting. 

9. It was discussed how the PPG members can access the PPG emails on the website for section “How to Join PPG?”and information regarding “About the PPG”. LG to email CB about this and Liz Holland (previous Chairperson) to request this information.

It was reaffirmed, the OPPG would continue to meet fortnightly until further notice whilst the current Covid situation continues.

Date of Next Meeting of the Newsletter Group of the OPPG on Weds 24 February 2021 at 2.30 pm via Zoom.


Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom on Wednesday, 27th January, 2021

Present:  Lita Gray, Gill Grant, Heather Murdoch, Jean Clark

1. A discussion was held regarding the explanation and clarification on the Lakeside Healthcare Oundle website regarding Covid-19 vaccines for Oundle Surgery patient at Stanground Surgery, Peterborough.  It was noted that a certain amount of disquiet regarding this decision had been appearing on social media within the community and It was felt that a degree of clarification from the surgery could help assuage this.

2. An email from the Practice Manager and its attachment had been received on 26 January 2021 and was noted.  However, concern was expressed that we had not yet received an answer to our email sent on 15th January 2021 (see attached) particularly in relation to the idea of a weekly bulletin on the status of the vaccination programme.

3. All present had been approached by Oundle residents regarding what seemed confusing information re. the Covid-19 vaccinations and a suggestion was made as to whether the Surgery could provide a specific ‘vaccine helpline’ where patients could get help with any queries they may have in attending their vaccination appointments, e.g. the fact that transportation could be available via Volunteer Action as well as the Local Authority Helpline (0345 045 5219)

4. It was agreed all members of the OPPG as shown on the Minutes of the AGM held 6th October 2020 (excluding those who had resigned) would be invited to a Zoom meeting on 24th February 2021 at 5.30 pm/6.00 pm so as to ascertain who was willing in being actively involved with the OPPG.  During the vaccine rollout, current members will meet fortnightly.

Date of Next Meeting of the Newsletter Group of the OPPG on 10 February 2021 at 2.30 pm via Zoom.


Minutes of a Zoom Meeting of the Oundle Patient Participation Group held on Friday, 15th January, 2021

Present:  Lita Gray, Gill Grant, Heather Murdoch, Jean Clark

1. A discussion was held regarding concerns raised by patients from the Oundle and surrounding areas community.  In the main this consisted of anxieties relating to the Covid 19 vaccination process only being undertaken at Stanground surgery. The varying reasons for this are:

  • Some of the more senior residents feel uncomfortable driving to a different surgery and having to locate the Stanground surgery a not all people have satellite navigation in their cars and don’t feel confident in driving there.  Especially during the winter months.
  • Not all residents can drive or have cars to be able to get themselves to Stanground surgery.
  • There isn’t a direct public transport link from Oundle to Stanground which would mean people would have to go via Peterborough and change buses to get to Stanground.  Then do the same for the return journey.  This would be even more difficult for those in the surrounding villages.
  • Not everyone has a family member/friend to be able to take or go with them.  

It was suggested that Volunteer Action are able to provide transport for a number of patients, but that they have a limited number of drivers who are able to undertake these journeys.

The group further discussed the awareness that some patients felt so strongly that they had raised the issue with local MP Tom Pursglove.

The group agreed to raise concerns with the surgery by emailing Carol Beesley (Practice Manager) for the Practice’s views on the matter.


2. A concern was also raised by a number of patients that they feel the Practice has not communicated the vaccine process as much as they would like other than on the website.  Whilst it was recognized that this is an important method of communication, not all people have access to computers and it would be helpful if other mediums were used as well.

It was recognized that during the pandemic things can change very quickly and it was suggested that we would email Carol Beesley to ask if it was possible to give regular bulletins to update patients of any changes they should be aware of i.e. weekly updates, via a variety of methods including texts, emails, Facebook etc.

It was agreed to make a suggestion for weekly communication bulletins via email to Carol Beesley.

Date of Next Meeting of the OPPG on Wednesday 27 January 2021 at 2.30 pm via Zoom.