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OPPG Meeting - Thursday 8th October 2020, 18.00 via Zoom


  • Committee Members Present

Liz Holland (LH) (Chair), Judie Jones (Minutes Secretary), Dennis Holland (DH) Celia Flory (CF), Heather Murdoch (HM), Gill Grant (GG), Jean Clark (JC) Lita Gray (LG).

  • Others Present


  • Ex-Offico Present

Dr Kathryn Newell, Carol Beesley – Practice Manager

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Welcome and apologies for absence

LH welcomed all to the meeting. Apologies for absence were received from Committee members Andrea Wood, Helen Vowles and Lita Gray.


Minutes of the 2019 AGM

The minutes of the meeting dated 5 October 2019 were approved as a true record by those who were present.


Chair’s Report

LH presented her Chair’s annual report which is copied here in full:  

When I took the role of Chair of OPPG this time last year I was pleased to be taking over at a time where the group seemed to be enjoying a revival in fortunes with several new, keen members with great ideas on how to make the group relevant. I am thanking some people by name later but I also appreciate all of you who have given time to the OPPG in the past year. Thank you.

Fortunately, those people (that is – you!) are still involved and so I am sure that my departure will be a mostly administrative loss. It is the energy and enthusiasm, the ideas and efforts of the group which matter. Keep going in the direction we had begun to discuss. The phrase ‘critical friend’ is very useful here. The role of the group needs to be to bring the worries and concerns of the general patient group to the attention of the practice but to also support and promote the work the surgery does, including ensuring an understanding of the working practices and government and NHS directives which determine what that might be.

This Covid-19 pandemic has been an opportunity to put all that into practice. We have had to understand that the surgery does not always have the flexibility to work as it may wish to, but does have to adhere to other guidance. I hope that the surgery can see that we have a useful role in bringing to them the fears and worries that this has caused some patients but to also suggest ways their communication with patients can be improved. In this, I include working with Carol on wording for the newsletter. I will take this opportunity to thank Heather, Lita, Gill and Jean for their work on the newsletter. (As a side note, my application for funding the printing of this has been revived with OTC and I will let you know at the end of the month if it has been successful). I do believe there is an important role for the group in developing the website, too. How to do this is a job for the next year, perhaps.

On a wider review of the year, I was very pleased that we have maintained links with The Greater Peterborough Forum – thanks to Gill & Freddi. It was interesting for me to make contact with the Chairs of other Lakeside PPGs and I would encourage my successor to maintain this link as there are some very knowledgeable people there to help.

Our list of action points carried forward is a testament to the number of ideas we have had about what to do. It remains long only because Covid got in the way. Whoever takes on the secretary role I commend this to them as a great way to keep a running record. At this point I will thank Judie for her year as secretary. It has been a pleasure to get to know her and we made a good team – well - I hope she might agree! Please join me in wishing her a lovely day as she gets married later this month & much future happiness.

Thanks too, to Dennis Holland for his tireless work understanding housing developments in Oundle. I would urge you all to keep abreast of this, as the pressure on the surgery and all local medical services is going to become intense. I heard only yesterday there is another large development at pre-planning stage with the developer due to put in their application very soon.

I may have said to some of you that the PPG being at the flu clinics is worthwhile. Even on a rainy day where I had to be outside it was easy to stop people to give them our leaflet and make sure they know our name. Another year, under better circumstances, this would prove a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile.

Finally, it has been a pleasure to get to know Carol & I wish her great success in her role as practice manager. Thank you Carol for the time you have given us so far. Many thanks too to Kathryn Newell for her long engagement with the PPG – perhaps longer than any of the rest of us. Through all the personnel changes at the surgery (and that is just in my short time with the group) she has remained a constant.

Copy me in on minutes and meeting dates. I don’t want to lose touch entirely and where there is a job suited to me, please ask eg liaison with the Town Council. Please keep up the good work!


Surgery Update

KN presented the Surgery’s annual report which is copied here in full:

I would like to thank the PPG for all their input and help this past year in what have been very trying times. There have been lots of changes in our world since I spoke to you last year in Fletton house -one of which is the digital format. Special thanks to Liz and Judie who will be standing down this year, they have worked hard to serve the Oundle community.

No one then could have foreseen what was ahead.

We at Oundle have had to adjust how we work in line with Government guidelines, I will talk more about that later, but I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on surgery staffing.

Nursing-We said a sad goodbye to Mrs Shelly Basharan one of our Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) in August, she is off to be nearer her parents and explore pastures new. We said ‘au revoir’ to Vicky Ward our other ANP in February 2020. She has been working locally but missed us and I am delighted to say has started back at Oundle as our Lead Nurse/ANP last week.

Dispensary Nella will be off on maternity leave shortly and we wish her well, we have also been delighted to welcome Georgia back from her maternity leave.

Reception - Very sadly Jane Purslow will be retiring shortly after 6½ years with us; I am sure she is looking forward to the rest but we will miss her cheery voice on the end of the phone. We wish her the absolute best for her future adventures.

Practice Manager - It will not have escaped your notice that we now have a new Practice Manager, Mrs Carol Beesley. We are delighted to have such a capable, committed, and friendly new member of staff. Thanks are due to Kirsty Knight who had been holding the fort in the interim period and courageously covering two jobs!

Doctors - I am sure you will all be aware that Doctor Clayton retired in Dec 2019 after 26 years at the surgery, we held a Christmas party and retirement do at the same time! He will be much missed –but we did wonder if he had a crystal ball-bearing in mind 2020!

Dr Richardson has reduced his sessions to three days a week, one of these days he is working in a management capacity for all the practices. However we are delighted to welcome new blood in the form of’ local lad’ Dr Felix Morgan who has replaced Dr Clayton and is covering a half day for Dr Hipwell who had reduced to 3 days a week from 3 1/2 and has just become a granny for the first time.

Administration-A big thank you to our administrators who have worked hard to help us continue to offer care to those with LTC.

Pharmacy-Rhiannon our Pharmacist left to gain extra training and we are delighted to welcome Huma in her place.

The surgery has been open throughout the present emergency and are following Government Guidelines (not easy when they change day to day) to keep patients and staff safe. We have had to learn and self -teach ourselves about the new IT available and deal with the frustrations of it too! We have undertaken work to safeguard those on blood thinners.

Everyone who calls will be triaged (spoken to and assessed) by a GP and if medically necessary they will be asked to attend the surgery appropriately masked, to be seen. Please ring the bell!

Dispensary and reception are operating at full pace -just through the window rather than the door!

Sadly some previously routine procedures are not yet permitted in the surgery such as joint injections and contraceptive procedures, we await central guidance on this.

With the re-opening of services, we are putting on extra (screened) smear clinics and recalling those with long term conditions who are at higher risk for their reviews-i.e. Diabetes COPD asthma etc, some of these may be done remotely except for blood taking, to reduce risk to patients and staff.

Throughout this time we have managed to continue to provide a service as our staff have been careful to follow Govt guidance on distancing etc both at work and at home. We are immensely proud of them all.

I would like to look forward to the day when we can return to more normal working, although I suspect things will never be exactly the same as technology has opened up a new window of opportunity and convenience for many patients.

Thank you for your support and understanding, please remember WE ARE OPEN AS USUAL-JUST GIVE US A RING!

LH thanked KN for her update and her continued engagement with OPPG.


Election of Officers

LH and JJ confirmed their resignation from the OPPG.

The roles of Chair and Secretary are therefore vacant. No nominations were received.

DH kindly offered to step in as interim Chair until a permanent Chair is elected.


Any other business

The Committee thanked LH and JJ for their time as Chair and Secretary respectively.

LH thanked KN and CB for their ongoing commitment to the PPG.

No further items of business were raised.


Date of next meeting

The next OPPG meeting will be decided by the new Chair and Secretary.

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