Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom at 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 28 April, 2021

Present:  Lita Gray(LG) - Spokesperson, Gill Grant(GG) – Minute Taker, Heather Murdoch,(HM) Jean Clark(JC)

Patients comments. The PPG are still receiving consistent concerns over various issues.  E.g . The telephone system as there is still considerable time before the calls are answered.  There is no option on the system for general enquiries and patients have to choose the appointment option. Some patients are reluctant to complain or give feedback to the Practice as they fear being ‘black listed’. The PPG are receiving some complaints about specific issues and not concerns.  In these cases the PPG are responding to the patients and advising them to contact the Practice Manager direct to try and resolve the issues.  However the PPG fear most will not.  This concerns the PPG that important feedback is not given to the Practice, therefore some key issues are not addressed.  

We are also receiving feedback from patients who are still confused over the Practice website and have difficulty finding the appropriate information.  A suggestion will be raised once again with the PM to see if further patient friendly options can be found.  

We have noted different formats on other Lakeside Websites.  e.g. Yaxley have placed a window whereby patients can see what doctors are available each day and the times. The PPG will ask Carol Beesley (PM)once again at the next meeting if this information could also be placed on the Oundle Surgery Website as we believe this would be helpful information to patients to know.

The PPG agreed to discuss and hopefully resolve these issues with Carol Beesley via a Zoom meeting in May.  CB to contact us following annual leave to arrange a suitable date.  

The Lakeside Group has appointed a Communication Officer, Caroline Freeman.  The PPG have arranged a meeting with her on Friday 14 May to introduce ourselves and to see how this new role may benefit the PPG. We will have more information at our next meeting.

JC has been in discussion with David Parkes from the Wansford Surgery PPG about the latest development in the NHS Integrated Care System. JC updated the PPG on discussions. GG is to follow up and contact Professor Harris for an update about the affect this will have on the Oundle Practice Patients.

We discussed and agreed that once we are able to conduct formal ‘face to face’ PPG meetings, that we will advise the Practice Manager of forthcoming meetings for the year ahead.  This should enable them to plan and schedule for medical/staff representatives to attend well in advance of the meetings.

The PPG arranged a meeting on Friday 7 May to further discuss the OPPG restructure.

Next meeting is on Friday 7 May 2021 at 10.00 a.m. at Barnwell Park.