Minutes of the Oundle Patients Participation Group meeting held via Zoom on 24th February 2021.

Present: Lita Gray (LG), Jean Clark (JC), Gill Grant (GG), Heather Murdoch(HM).

1. The group expressed their gratitude to Professor Robert Harris, Chief Executive of Lakeside Healthcare, regarding his correspondence with GG. His very positive and helpful responses were very much appreciated, and it was agreed we would continue to ask his advice and assistance when/where appropriate.

2. We have all heard from patients in Oundle of their negative experience when visiting “reception” at the practice of: 

  • people standing in the rain, feeling cold as they wait outside,   
  • feeling embarrassed passing their samples through a half open window and of feeling unwelcome standing at a window outside. We agreed that patients could find the half-shut windows unwelcoming and unnecessary. 

3. We agreed we would ask the management whether this could be addressed so that Oundle patients can have a functional, safe, and welcoming reception at their medical practice.  It was felt this could be included in any  correspondence to Professor Harris for his thoughts regarding this.

4. We discussed the Practice Manager’s (Carol Beesley) email responses in reply to OPPG’s email of 21st February 2021, regarding concerns and suggestions.  Whilst we felt positive that some issues are being addressed, some remain ongoing.  

5. We appreciate the working relationship we are developing with Carol (Practice Manager) and her responses to the OPPG.

6. Once verified, Oundle Patients will be able to email the OPPG as well as ‘follow’ Lakeside Oundle Facebook for information.  We are informed by the Practice that an updated telephone system should soon be in place and that a Communications Manager is to be appointed imminently covering all the Lakeside Healthcare practices.

7. Lakeside Healthcare Oundle is a member of the National Association of Patients Participation (NAPP).  JC offered to monitor their data, advice, and information, so that we can continually be improving our service to the Practice and Oundle patients.

8. Disappointment was expressed that the Practice Manager is unable to give the OPPG members a copy of the NHS guidelines that direct the practice.  GG offered to ask an executive member of the CCG for further information regarding this, so that we can be assured we always follow correct procedure.

9. It was decided that later in the year we would contact all OPPG members who are still registered on our list, to ascertain whether they wanted to continue being an active member.  We remain committed to an “open door” policy with new members warmly welcomed.  

10. It was agreed that LG be named as Temporary Spokesperson and JC as Temporary Secretary on the Patient Participation page of the practice website.  It is envisaged these roles, and others as they evolve, will be rotated, and shared throughout the OPPG.