Minutes of the Meeting of Oundle Patient Link


  • Kirsty Knight – Patient Services Team Lead
  • Gill Grant
  • Heather Murdoch
  • Mandy Black - Patients Services Manager Lakeside Healthcare at Corby
  • Many Russell – Patient Srvices Manager, Lakeside Healthcare at Headlands

A discussion was held regarding what worked/didn’t work for the group in 2021

A full discussion was held regarding how the Oundle PPG is moving forward with new members and a more informal approach for recruitment.

It was agreed all patients of Lakeside Oundle Practice are welcome to join the OPPG.

Mandy Black explained that new members should be made aware of what is expected of them

It was agreed that Confidentiality forms will be given to all new members to be signed.

There will be a Patient Service Manager recruited for Oundle

All complaints and concerns regarding the Lakeside Oundle Practice can still be directed to the Practice Manager and they will be addressed by the Northants Leadership team whilst the Patient Services Manager for Oundle is recruited.

We agreed that we (Gill and Heather) would have informal meetings to promote membership on the following dates. July 27, September 28, November 30

Kirsty confirmed that the first formal meeting between Oundle PPG members and Lakeside Healthcare at Oundle will be held at the Surgery on Friday 9 December at 2 pm.

Questions put forward for the Q and A section for June were resubmitted to be put on the website as soon as possible.

Concerns raised by the PPG on behalf of the patients are:

Many patients find Doctrin hard to navigate. Kirsty assures us that patients can call reception for help.

Requests for music or a television in the waiting rooms . Kirsty explained this has been considered previously but not pursued because of the high costs involved (Over £2,000 P/A).

Results and referrals are not being followed up for some patients. We are not sure who is responsible please could this process be explained to patients.

Some patients have not been called for routine preventative clinics or vaccinations.

Many Lakeside practices have employed social prescribers. Many patients do not understand their role and how to contact them.

The Practice are actively trying to recruit more reception staff