Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom on Wednesday, 24 March, 2021 

Present:  Lita Gray(LG), Gill Grant(GG), Heather Murdoch,(HM) Jean Clark(JC)

1. Lakeside Healthcare Oundle Website

A discussion took place on the response from the Practice Manager, in relation to CB email of 6 March 2021, and the PPG having a more prominent place on the Practice website.  In view of the rather disappointing response, it was agreed we would look further into this and discuss later.

2. PPG Email

In view of the problems in accessing the previous PPG email address, a new address (oundleppg2021@gmail.com) had been organized: LG to ask CB for the amendment be posted on the website.

3. Phoning/emailing the Surgery

A number of comments have been received by PPG Members regarding difficulties in contacting the surgery via phone and email.  It was agreed that good communications between patients and the practice was of prime importance, so this would be discussed more fully/again at the next meeting on 7 April 2021.

4. Search facility on Website

To enable users to search the Practice website more easily, it was agreed we ask that the word ‘Search’ be added in a separate box in white to the left of the ‘drop down’ symbol on the Main page of the Practice website. It was agreed that the current search symbol is not easy to identify on the website. This request is in response to specific feedback received by patients who find the site very difficult to navigate currently.   It is anticipated that this action, if approved by Lakeside, will result in a more positive search experience and a more user friendly site for all. LG to suggest this to CB in her next email. 

5. Discussion on planning new look for PPG for 2021. 
All agreed this to be deferred to another meeting as there are many ideas and suggestions to consider before proceeding.

Date of Next Meeting:  Weds 7 April 2021 at 2.30 pm via Zoom.