Minutes of the Meeting of Oundle Patient Link

The Talbot Hotel on Tuesday 4th January 2022


  • Lita Gray (LG) – Spokesperson
  • Jean Clark (JC) - Minute Taker
  • Gill Grant (GG)
  • Heather Murdoch (HM)

A discussion was held regarding what worked/didn’t work for the group in 2021:

  • It was agreed the format of working as a group was positive
  • It was felt the connection with the Practice Manager is much improved and we have built up a good relationship by working together to improve patient outcomes.
  • The Q&A sessions are proving very positive

New Membership:

  • Informal meetings would be arranged with prospective Core Members to help clarify/discuss how /what they wanted to offer the group.
  •  It was suggested that any such meeting would involve two OPL members on a rotational system
  • As Virtual Members are only to be involved on an occasional basis via email or online meetings, it was agreed that no such meetings would be required.
  • We already have some names from people interested in becoming more involved and LG agreed to write to each inviting them to such a meeting at a mutually convenient time.

New Email Address:

  • JC & LG explained the thinking behind getting an NHS email address for OPL and JC wrote to CB in this regard. When we hear from her further, we will action this accordingly.

Meeting with Other PPGs:

  • It was agreed that a meeting with other Lakeside Healthcare PPG could prove beneficial for all groups for cross fertilisation of information; this will be suggested to them, with any such meeting to be held on an annual basis.

ICS Meeting with Simon Beesley, 27th January 2022 at 10.00 am.

  • As HM is away, LG, GG and JC will attend. We look forward to hearing further as to how the move to North Northants ICS is progressing.


  • It was agreed to amend the wording on the ‘About the PPG’ using the Opening paragraph from our Christmas Newsletter, which had been approved by the Practice.

Online forms for OPL Membership and Comments/suggestions form for patient’s views:

  • It was agreed to draft a simple form for membership that includes Name, contact details, etc.
  • It was agreed to draft a simple form for patients/virtual members to give feedback to the Practice via OPL