Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Patient Group

We are changing

Different times require different approaches. A lot has changed in the last 2 years - and so have we. We have continued to operate throughout the pandemic albeit on a much smaller scale, but we are ready to go forward into 2022 in a slightly new direction.

We encourage active patient participation from those who are interested in healthcare issues and want to get involved with the support and improved operation of the Practice. As such, we have set up a special forum to enable patient input and feedback.


Who we are!

It is a requirement of all medical practices to have a Patient Participation Group. We are a voluntary group of local residents who represent the views of the patients of the Oundle Medical Practice. Our aim is to work with the Practice to bring about positive change and improve services for the patients by making suggestions and raising concerns on issues that are important to them.

From January 2022, the Patient Participation Group (PPG) for Lakeside Healthcare, Oundle Surgery, will be changing its name to Oundle Patient Link (OPL). We believe the name better reflects the voice of the patients that we represent, as we act as the common link between them and the Practice. We will still be a Patient Participation Group but under a new identity with our own logo.

OPL will be open to adults and mature students who are on the GP Practice patient list to join as a voluntary member. All communities, groups, sexual orientation, genders, ages, ethnicities and people with disabilities representing the patient list are encouraged to join. There are no membership requirements other than patients must be registered with the Practice and be prepared to actively support OPL. We would like to make the group as representative of the patient group as possible so we can accurately reflect all patient views.


How can I get involved?

 There are two options for OPL voluntary membership:-

  1. Core Member (active/face to face)
  2. Virtual Member (no face to face interaction i.e. email/virtual meetings only)

If you think you would like to find out more refer to the Terms of Reference page.