Minutes of the Meeting of the OPPG held by Zoom on Wednesday, 10 March, 2021 

Present:  Lita Gray(LG), Gill Grant(GG), Heather Murdoch,(HM) Jean Clark(JC)

1. Discussion on planning new look for PPG for 2021. 
All agreed this to be deferred to another meeting as there are many ideas and suggestions to consider before proceeding.

2. Facebook communication for PPG and HM email comments. 
After researching the Lakeside Surgery Facebook page there appears to currently be two sites operating with one last being used in 2019. We agreed to query/raise this with Carol Beesley.  HM found there are approx  528 followers on the main site and commented it would be a huge step forward for awareness of the OPPG.  
It was also suggested to include a suggestion box for patients on the Facebook page.  We agreed to discuss this in more detail at the next meeting.

3. Email follow up to PH re: the communication Manager role
All agreed to put on hold for a few weeks.  GG to follow up.

4. Spokesperson for future meetings
It was put forward that LG to be Spokesperson for future meetings and LG accepted to undertake this. It was also agreed to alternate the Minute Taking between the other 3 members.

5. Helen Vowles email and comments
HV sent an email to Lita expressing her thanks and gratitude to the four members of the newsletter team for continuing to be active for the PPG.  HV also advised of her confusion in a link found on the Oundle Medical Centre website with regard to the NHS Covid Vaccination Programme.  It advised her to contact her local surgery to arrange a second covid vaccination.  However Oundle were not able to do this when she contacted them. She also asked if it was possible for the old message for patients on the surgery answer machine to be changed. HV also informed the PPG that a friend of hers would like to become a member.  As we were not sure if the necessary form had been completed online. We agreed to find out. HV has since said she would forward the details of the interested party to the PPG.

6. LG advised that only two members had responded to her latest email.  The members being Helen Vowles and Celia Flory.  As we only received two replies from the previous email regarding continuation of the PPG during the pandemic as well, LG suggested that we contact each member individually to see if they would like to continue being an active member of the committee.   If people wished to cease their involvement they can be removed from the group. It was agreed to do this in due course.

7. Jane Coulson’s senior engagement Manager at CCG response to GG Email relating to NHS Guidelines
AC advised there are national guidelines relating to information going into the public domain because the NHS is still in a high level incident response mode to Covid19 pandemic.  Everything put out needs to be approved by NHS England national and regional teams.  She advised the best way to get up to date information is to go on the link: COVID 19 National Programme

Meeting ended 3.30 p.m. Date of next meeting of the OPPG is on Weds 23 March 2021 at 2.30 pm via Zoom.