Minutes of the first Q&A Meeting between OPPG & the Practice Manager held at The Surgery, Oundle on Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Present: Lita Gray (LG) (Spokesperson), Heather Murdoch (HM), Gill Grant (GG), Jean Clark (JC) (Minutes) with Carol Beesley (CB) (Practice Manager)

  1. The ‘generic’ Open Letter to Patients’ posted on Lakeside Healthcare Surgeries websites was discussed with concern expressed as to whether patients
  • would know to look for it
  • would be able to find it.

A discussion on how this could be facilitated felt that posting a link drawing attention to this on the Surgery Facebook page, as well as via the forthcoming PPG Newsletter and the Oundle Town Council website, could be helpful.

It was felt there appeared to be a somewhat ‘practice-centric’ tone’ to the letter, and suggestions were made as to how to amend it to make it more Patient focused.

  1. Comments which appeared on Oundle Community Chatter Facebook on 17/6/21 were discussed. CB would contact BallyHoo regarding the possibility of putting some form of ‘message’ to recommend any complainant brings their concerns direct to the Practice rather than putting it out on social media in the first instance. That way there is the possibility of a reply or resolution.

  2. Face to Face Appointments: CB explained the quite complicated route to extrapolate figures showing how many F2F appointments were being made for Oundle patients as this was a manual count, but confirmed it was possible to gain this data. JC to check how the GP National Survey figures were obtained.

  1. We discussed The Practice Plan for opening the Reception in the near future to enable patients to speak to a receptionist at the front desk rather than via the window etc. CB explained that new ‘hard flooring’ is currently being fitted at the surgery, replacing the carpets, to comply with infection control. This is being laid throughout the Practice clinical rooms and waiting areas and this should be completed by mid-July. Each Lakeside Healthcare site presented with different layout problems, but it was hoped that the Oundle Practice Plan would be completed by the end of July, when coming via the open ’front’ door’ compared with the ‘little open window’ would be in operation.

  2. The new VOiP phone system is in the process of being installed and it is anticipated it will be up and running by mid-July. This system means more lines will be available in and out of the surgery which will enable better contact with the surgery. However, the situation remains currently as to the numbers of staff available to answer calls. The installers will be undertaking staff training as this is an entirely new system.

  3. CB explained the rationale of the Vaccination Programme ‘mop up’ meaning checking all patients who have not had their first or second jab et al have been contacted.

  4. Regarding two patients’ concerns which had been sent to the Practice via the PPG, CB gave positive feedback regarding one patient and a response regarding the other patient had been sent to the MP.

  5. A discussion took place on how some test results are given to patients by Reception staff, particularly when these results were ‘’abnormal’’ leading to a patient seeking further information. The Receptionist would not usually be in a position to give clarification, which could result in more anxiety to the patient. It was thought to be preferable for a Nurse Practitioner to deal with these cases. CB will check the current process regarding tests results and feedback to the PPG.

  6. A question was raised as to who at the Surgery was able to view patients records and CB explained there were specific access levels depending on the role of the staff member, however audit trails record access regarding this.

  7. The PPG members are meeting with the new Wellbeing & Health coach, Ellie Hill, on 13th July, but we still are awaiting Lynn Bryce, the Social Prescriber to contact the PPG to advise us more about her role and the benefits to patients.

  8. CB agreed to send a blank PPG Confidentiality Form so we can ensure new members sign to commit to not disclosing any confidential information gleaned from their work with the PPG.

  9. We explained that following our upcoming meeting on 1st July, we hoped we would very shortly be in a position to re-launch the OPPG under a new name and format. But in the meantime, it was very good to hear some very positive feedback from patients regarding the Vaccination programme as well as from the Facebook page.

  10. The next PPG/Practice Manager Q&A meeting would take place on a date to be confirmed in approximately 6-8 weeks.