Teaching Involvement

We have become an accredited Training Practice and we have a GP Registrar/s working at the practice.  A GP Registrar is a qualified Doctor who is training to be GP. Depending on the stage of their training, you may find that you are offered an appointment with the Registrar. If you do not wish to see the registrar and wish to see a GP please advise the receptionist at the time of booking your appointment.


Medical Students

Oundle Surgery is now a designated training practice for student doctors from the University of Cambridge.

The first stage in becoming a GP involves 5 years of university education where a student learns about all aspects of medicine and clinical practice. In their later years at university they undertake placements in GP Practices where they gain knowledge of how general practice works.

Student doctors have not completed their initial medical training so are not qualified doctors, but being attached to a practice gives then a good understanding of what General Practice is like and is designed to help students to become GP’s after qualification.

The students will work under close supervision of the GP’s here at Oundle and will have the opportunity to observe the various members of the surgery as well as participating in their own student surgeries. As they are not yet qualified they cannot do many of the things our regular GP’s can do and require a high level of supervision, however, they are expected to talk to and examine patients on their own and then discuss their findings with the supervising GP.

You will be advised either at the time of booking your appointment or before you are seen that there is a student doctor present with the Doctor or Nurse, or you may be offered an appointment with a student doctor running their own student surgery.

If you are happy to see a student this is very much appreciated as you will be making a significant contribution towards their training and the students do find this time invaluable and rewarding.