Accessing mental health services via 111

Are you in a mental health crisis?

Then call 111 and select the mental health option

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The 111 option for mental health crisis services has been updated to create a consistent approach.

Instead of selecting ‘option 2’, people calling the service will be asked to ‘choose the mental health option’.  

The change has been made to make sure services across the UK are consistent and that options are the same however the call is made, whether that is via landline, mobile or through the internet.  

The 111 mental health option is a crisis mental health triage service for individuals who require urgent mental health support. The service is available to all ages, regardless of whether they are an existing service user. It should not be used for advice about medication and existing service users should make contact with their mental health team prior to calling 111 as the teams have an escalation process to support service users in crisis.  

When an individual calls the 111 mental health option, a trained mental health professional will answer the call. They will often ask a number of important mental health related questions, which can lead to a number of outcomes including signposting and guidance, onward referrals to other services, including secondary services and VCSE sector services.  

The line should not be used for emotional support, routine referrals, medication advice, referrals directly to psychiatrists or handovers from professionals.  

Published: May 3, 2023