How is Doctrin structured?

Doctrin Access:

  • Easy to use platform for remote care through chat or video
  • Secure digital communications to patients
  • More electronic communications will lead to fewer phone calls and the ability for surgeries to offer face to face appointments to those who are not confident with IT.

Doctrin Source:

  • Automated medical questionnaires which can be tailored to our practices and areas of expertise
  • Improved caregiver efficiency by creating a summarised report of the patient’s medical history
  • Standardised questioning ensures medical safety and patient risk management

Doctrin Collaborate:

  • Allows staff to collaborate on cases and perform better together
  • Higher continuity of care through targeted handovers
  • Patient centric care – with tools to give patients a ‘seamless’ experience.

Doctrin Automate:

  • Automatically routes patients to the correct care level
  • Customised flow to patients to optimise the use of resources
  • Reduced workload for triage nurses by directing patients to the most appropriate practitioner for their need

Doctrin Network

  • Integrated patient care with cases being able to be shared across units
  • Staff collaboration across surgeries
  • Barrierless healthcare system
  • Smarter use of staff across the system
  • Complete information sharing