Patient Group Newsletter

Christmas Newsletter December 2021

What’s New?

We are changing…

Different times require different approaches. A lot has changed in the last 2 years - and so have we. We have continued to operate throughout the pandemic albeit on a much smaller scale, but we are ready to go forward into 2022 in a slightly new direction.

Who we are!

It is a requirement of all medical practices to have a Patient Participation Group. We are a voluntary group of local residents who represent the views of the patients of the Oundle Medical Practice. Our aim is to work with the Practice to bring about positive change and improve services for the patients by making suggestions and raising concerns on issues that are important to them.

From January 2022, the Patient Participation Group (PPG) for Lakeside Healthcare, Oundle Surgery, will be changing its name to Oundle Patient Link (OPL). We believe the name better reflects the voice of the patients that we represent, as we act as the common link between them and the Practice. We will still be a Patient Participation Group but under a new identity with our own logo and email: TO FOLLOW

OPL will be open to adults and mature students who are on the GP Practice patient list to join as a voluntary member. All communities, groups, sexual orientation, genders, ages, ethnicities and people with disabilities representing the patient list are encouraged to join. There are no membership requirements other than patients must be registered with the Practice and be prepared to actively support OPL. We would like to make the group as representative of the patient group as possible so we can accurately reflect all patient views.

How can I get involved?

There are two options for OPL voluntary membership:-

  1. Core Member (active/face to face)
  2. Virtual Member (no face to face interaction)

As well as changing the way we work, during 2021 the PPG have introduced an interactive Question and Answer Session with the Practice Manager, Carol Beesley. The purpose is to pose questions to the Practice that are important to the patient population of Oundle and surrounding villages.


If there are any questions you would like answered or have any suggestions to improve services, you can do this by emailing your questions to us through the PPG private email TO FOLLOW on the Practice website. All names will remain anonymous unless express permission is given otherwise.

Responses from the Practice are published shortly after each session on the PPG page on the Practice website. This is not a forum for complaints which should be addressed directly with the Practice.

We will also introduce our own logo for Oundle Patient Link (as shown above) so we have a clear identity. This enable patients to easily recognize that we are a separate body whilst continuing to work in partnership with the Practice to improve services for patients.


Joiners and Leavers from the Practice Team

After being with the NHS for 35 years and the Surgery since 2003, Dr Penny Hipwell, is retiring and we thank her for her long service to the Oundle community. We have been advised by the Practice Manager that they are looking to engage a new Partner, although unfortunately GPs are very hard to recruit currently.

We welcome two new Registrars: Dr Jade Stephenson and Dr Matilda Dafimu, as well as Olivia Pratchett and Anne-Marie Boyce, Healthcare Assistants. Having returned from maternity leave, our Dispenser, Nella, is back with us, and we welcome Scott Robinson (full time) to the Dispensary.

Lea Davey (Healthcare Assistant) is leaving us as is our Health & Well Being Coach, Ellie Hill. Part-time Dispensers Georgia Roberts and Natalie Thompson are also leaving us.

To all Newcomers, Returnees and Leavers, we send our thanks & best wishes.


How do you find out about new/existing GP services at the Oundle Practice?

We would like to find out how you get the information you need when you need it. We would appreciate any suggestions you can make on how to improve communications and we will feed it back to the Practice. You can email us in confidence at: TO FOLLOW E.G:

  1. Do you have access to the internet?
  2. What is your preferred method of notification of new/existing services?
  3. Are you aware when new services are introduced?
  4. Do you find it hard to access information on what services the Practice?

And now for something entirely different

Looking forward to ‘Spring of Hope’ in Oundle

A team of gardeners from Oundle has devoted a huge amount of time into planting hundreds of bulbs to create a ‘Spring of Hope’ outside the surgery following the pandemic.

The trio of John Walpole, Judy Potts and Julie Wade Wallace have invested more than 220 hours to the project with materials kindly donated by Blooming Oundle. Previously they created a rockery feature in front of the surgery and now they have turned their attention to other neglected beds, filling ten green bins and a carload with green waste from the site. 

With Seasons Greetings and all good wishes for a happy new year in 2022