Information for patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition which affects thousands of people across our area every year. 90% of adults with Diabetes have Type 2 Diabetes.  

Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or you’ve had the condition for some time, we want to help you manage your Type 2 Diabetes as best as you can. When Type 2 Diabetes is managed well, it can help you feel much better – and it can reduce the risk of your condition worsening, or developing complications.

John the free Desmond programme to help you manage your Type 2 Diabetes


To help you manage your condition well, the NHS offers the DESMOND programme. This programme is a one-day training session that is freely available to anyone in England with Type 2 Diabetes. DESMOND will help you by giving you the skills and knowledge you need to manage your condition effectively, with a strong focus on practical tips and information.  

If you live with a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, DESMOND is designed to help you. Getting enrolled onto the programme is quick and easy, and you can follow the course either virtually or face-to-face. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our surgery to discuss DESMOND. Alternatively, you can choose to self-refer by calling the Structured Education Admin Hub via 01733 7260077.  

If you’re not sure whether DESMOND is right for you, please speak to our surgery. We will be very happy to talk to you about the programme, and to help you decide whether you’d like to enrol. 




Published: Jan 14, 2022

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