How It Works

Find out more about using our new online service

  • When telephoning the surgery there will be system prompts, reminding you that Doctrin is our preferred method of contact and you will be given a link to log in via SMS
  • The ‘hours of operation’ of the platform will be clearly displayed.
  • For those who can’t or won’t use Doctrin be assured that you can still call our surgery reception
  • You will need an NHS log in to access the Doctrin platform. Further details will be available soon.

image of patient using a laptop

  • You will be able to select your reason for contact from a list of medical contacts.
  • Each topic can trigger a signpost with information and links, such as self care advice and links to external resources if necessary.
  • If necessary you will be routed to either the switchboard, or else other conditions may be routed to a nurse waiting room for medical triage.
  • Each healthcare professional logged on will see a ‘dashboard’ showing the waiting room of patients so that cases can be prioritized.
  • Most consultations can be resolved by chat communication.
  • Healthcare practitioners can consult colleagues about clinical cases
  • There will be automated follow up messages if necessary
  • Patients can then provide up to date information on their health, with their medical report assessed by clinical staff before any appointment is scheduled.
  • Appointments can be prioritized for those patients with the highest need.